How to tie a tie

How to tie a tie
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It’s a wildly simple thing tying a tie. Hell, it’s right there in the name. But getting it right? It matters. Pairing the right knot with the right occasion – and shirt collar – is crucial for a well-executed finishing touch. No, a fist-sized power knot won’t pair with your slim-cut shirt and blazer.

A man of style has more than a single go-to knot. Luckily, the three knots below can handle almost any sartorial situation.


AKA the schoolboy knot - it’s most likely the first knot you were taught. This four-in-hand knot might be the simplest way to tie a tie but it’s undoubtedly versatile and more than does the job. It pairs especially well with slim collars, shirts with a slightly playful edge (hello floral) and for outfits that toe the line between smart and casual. 

The Slim Knot


Think of the Half Windsor knot as your Monday to Friday go-to. It’s classic triangular shape pairs with a semi-spread collar in perfect proportion. It’s also a clever option for taller, lankier guys since it uses a little less fabric to knot letting your tie hang longer. 

The Half Windsor Knot


You want the power option? Here it is. The Full Windsor is one of the trickiest knots to learn, but it makes the most impact. Best paired with a wide, spread collar shirt and a suit jacket with a slightly thicker lapel. Also, the Full Windsor is a smart weapon for the gent with a thicker neck to keep everything in proportion.

The Full Windsor Knot


Looking to elevate your tie game and already have a tie bar? Try adding a dimple to your knot for a subtle finishing touch. It’s dead simple. Put your index finger just below your loosely tied knot then tighten up as usual. Boom – next level tie style. 

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